CHIP Thermistor
          DISK Thermistor
          Thermistor Assmbly
          Humidty Sensor
          Dust Sensor
          Pressure Sensor
          Fuel Level Component
          Automobile Sensor
- Compatible with Japanese Shinyei.
- Stable operation by using power regulator.
- Ensured quality consistency by MI-COM calibration.
- Available to tune the sensitivity for customer requirements.
- Ensured product trace-ability
Technical Specifications
- Supply Voltage: DC 5V ± 5% (Ripple: less 30mV)
- Current Consumption: less than 100mA
- Operating temp/humid.: - 10 ~ 45℃, less 95%RH
- Size: W 59 X H45 X D20 (mm)
- Detectable particle size: approximately 1㎛
- Output Method
  -. Negative Logic Pulse output,
  -. Low Pulse ratio(Hi: above 4.5V, Lo: below 0.7V)
Characteristic Table
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