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Features Applications
Available in 2-12 Poles Cellular phone IMT-2000
Available With 2mm - 12mm Resonator Size Cordless phone WIBRO/WIMAX
Wide Frequency Range (400MHz~3.8GHz) PCS RFID
Low insertion Loss TRS CATV
Custom Designs Available GPS  
Operating Temperature Range(-30°C to ~ +85°C) GSM  
Notch Filters Available Wireless LAN
Tape and Reel Available DMB/DAB
RoHS Compliance
Sangshin’s dielectric resonator filters are comprised of multiple High Q. TEM mode 1/4 wave resonators to obtain maximum performance. Our filters are designed to prodvide optimal performance with relation to insertion and selectivity. While maintining a cost and size effective solution.
Duplexers Band Pass Filters
Band Elimination Filters . Triplexer

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