CHIP Thermistor
          DISK Thermistor
          Thermistor Assmbly
          Humidty Sensor
          Dust Sensor
          Pressure Sensor
          Fuel Level Component
          Automobile Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Sector of Application
- Automotive.
- White goods.
- Medical.
- Sensors and process control.
- Control instruments and subsystems.
- Domotics and safety.
- Telecommunication.
- Military and aerospace.
- Mechanical robustness.
- Insensibility to media.
- Ease of encapsulation (housing).
- Ease of handling requiring no special instruments or equipment.
- Competitive price.
- Chemical resistance thanks to the use of ceramic for the parts (agent touching).
- Bio-compatibility.
- Applicable in the food industry.
- Long term stability.
- Wide range of pressure provided by the various designs and size.
Characteristic Table
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