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Sangshin Elecom is a leading manufacturer of electronic components such as NTC ceramic thermistors, VCO, HIC, L/C filter, R/F filters. Duplexer, PLL(Phase Locked Loop) Module, I/F filter. DR(Dielectric Resonator), etc. with over 30years of experience in developing and designing for the microwave components & sensors.

We are using an effective manufacturing technique to bring you Good quality components on time.

Sangshin Elecom makes its own NTC ceramic thermistor powders from chemicals and then performs automatic pressing, flowing, and sintering operations.

Sangshin Elecom's NTC ceramic thermistors are especially designed to meet the demands of many kinds of electric and electronic applications for high-performance and low-cost devices. Sangshin Elecom's NTC ceramic thermistors are designed to provide the highest quality level of products at the effective prices.

Typical applications include many kinds of electric and electronic devices including those for surge limit and temperature compensation, temperature sensors for automobile and medical industry equipment.

ADDRESS : 507, Dangsan-ro, Yeonseo-myeon, Sejong-si, 30049 Rep. of KOREA
TEL : 82 - 44- 865 - 9000 ~ 5 FAX : 82 - 44 - 865 - 9229